Nozovent - 6 Packs

Nozovent - 6 Packs

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Save over 20% on RRP. Reduces snoring, dry mouth and morning tiredness.

Nozovent - 6 Packs
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12 Reviews (Rated 4.4 / 5)
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The Nozovent® nasal dilator is designed and made using a 'springy', flexible plastic (polyeteramid). It takes a little time to get used to, but with regular use most find that they forget its presence in the nose. In position, Nozovent is anchored by specially designed nodules, which ensure that the device does not come into contact with the mucous membrane or become the cause of a nosebleed.

After use, clean Nozovent® thoroughly with soap and water. It can also be sterilised in boiling water. With regular use, the device will give good service for up to three months before needing replacement.

Each pack contains 2 pieces. This listing is for 6 packs (12 pieces in total).

Save £19.45 on normal RRP.

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Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Peter Ellison
8th Nov 2015

I have been using Nozovent (medium) for many years now and find them extremely helpful. I would not consider going to bed without them. If you get the correct size they never seem to come out and I could not be more pleased with the product.

Rated* * * * *
12 Reviews (Rated 4.4 / 5)
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