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The most technically advanced simple oral appliance for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea on the market.
Tomed SomnoGuard 3
The best earplugs for snoring. New to the Snore Calm range, these ear plugs have the highest Sound Reduction rating of 37db.
Elite Foam Ear Plugs (7 Pairs)
High Noise Reduction rating of 35db. Bulk buy and save £7.95 on normal boxed price.
Foam Ear Plugs (30 Pairs)
Proven effective relief from snoring, sinus infections and high levels of catarrh.
Reduces snoring, dry mouth and morning tiredness. Available in Medium & Large sizes.

Snoring is a condition that cannot be cured but can be controlled. Discover how you can successfully stop snoring.

Our snore tests will help you establish what kind of snorer you are and recommend appropriate treatments.

If you have tried everything but not had success, you may wish try a trial of a CPAP machine.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a condition that interrupts your breathing when you are asleep.

The recommended treatment is CPAP (Continuous Positive Airways Pressure). A supporting letter from your doctor is required.

Mild & moderate suffers may consider using a mandibular advancement device.

Somnowell mandibular advancement device
Introducing the world's leading oral appliance for snoring and sleep apnoea. Read more.

Commonly caused by anxiety, bruxism - grinding and/or clenching the teeth - occurs most often in sleep and can cause facial pain and headaches.

SleepRight guards are the only occlusal splints approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

Nasal Irrigation

Regular nasal irrigation can reduce reliance on conventional medications used to treat blocked nose, infection, insomnia and stress.

Nasal irrigation is a completely natural treatment for many sinus and nasal conditions.