Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips (200 strips)

Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips (200 strips)

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Save an amazing £43.28 on normal RRP. These self adhesive strips work really well in preventing the mouth falling open.

Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips (200 strips)
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14 Reviews (Rated 4.3 / 5)
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These self adhesive strips work really well in preventing the mouth falling open.

If during sleep you breathe through your mouth, you will probably snore. Chin-Up strips have been designed to help you breathe naturally through your nose. It is a comfortable external support that helps to keep your mouth closed at night. Chin-Up strips will also be beneficial to CPAP users to help prevent mouth leaks, dry mouth and sore throat.

Save £43.28 on normal RRP.

Chin-Up Strips help people with following conditions directly related to mouth breathing:

  • Dry mouth and gum tissue bleeding
  • Oral venting with obstructive sleep apnoea prescribed treatments - CPAP & Dental device issues
  • Loud mouth snoring
  • Morning nasal and sinus congestion
  • Morning sore throat discomfort
  • Reduced sleep quality
  • Reduced energy level
  • Daytime sleepiness
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  • Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips (200 strips)
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Juliet
21st Aug 2012

I tried these after I couldn't get on with the Somni Snore Guard - I just didn't like a lump of plastic in my mouth when I was falling asleep and would try and wait until the last minute to put it in, which meant I often fell asleep without it! So the next step was these strips and I've adapted to them much better. My partner says it hasn't eliminated my snoring, but it's much quieter and in shorter bursts. And I can't really "forget" to put them on. I'm still not massively keen because they do pull on my face and pull the skin down from my eyes, and I end up with deep lines in the morning, so I'm not sure they're very good for your skin. But I think of the health benefits to my teeth, gums, mouth and heart and this motivates me. If you buy them in bulk they're quite good value as well. I am really grateful to this website because my sister asked her GP what she could do about snoring and she was told "nothing". I like the fact there are several different options so you can try them out until you find the right one for you. My partner and I did try the snore tests but couldn't really work out whether I was a mouth breather or not, so we just tried the cheapest option and went from there...

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14 Reviews (Rated 4.3 / 5)
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