Somni Snore Guard

Somni Snore Guard

Mouth Breathing Devices

An oral vestibular shield will promote breathing through the nose by effectively blocking the mouth.

Somni Snore Guard
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This oral vestibular shield has been specially designed for those people who snore with their mouth open.

The Somni Snore Guard is a discrete, convenient and low cost treatment for mouth breathing and the effects of snoring and bad breath. Published clinical trials have demonstrated the success of this device and since we first introduced it to our customers over 10 years ago, it has become a truly indispensable product.

Unlike the mandibular advancement devices, it is not intended to bring the lower jaw forward. It is moulded in hot water by the user to a comfortable fit. It is completely unobtrusive and can easily be used in an aeroplane, train, etc. At least one clear nasal airway is essential as breathing through the mouth is effectively blocked by this device.

The consequences of mouth breathing at night are often bad breath (halitosis) and snoring, both of which are undesirable and unpleasant for others.

Halitosis is caused by decaying bacteria located on the tongue, palate and areas between the teeth. The effect of decay is enhanced when you breathe through your mouth at night, as an open mouth leads to loss of moisture on the tongue and palate and also allows unpleasant odour to escape; 'morning breath'.

In addition to mouth breathing, the intake of certain foods, drink and drugs are known to cause a dry mouth and halitosis. Onion and garlic, for example, contain high concentrations of sulphur that pass through the lining of the intestines into the blood stream and are subsequently released into the lungs and exhaled; 'garlic breath'.

Similarly proteins in dairy products break down in the mouth leading to the release of amino acids that are rich in sulphur; 'eggy breath'.

Alcoholic drinks decrease saliva production resulting in a dry mouth and consequent bad breath. Smoking raises the concentration of volatile compounds in the mouth and lungs and because it too has a drying effect on the oral mucosa, the unpleasant smell of smoke is not only exhaled from the lungs but is also present in the mouth.

Certain drugs such as antidepressants and antihistamines predispose to dry mouth leading to halitosis.

Help is at hand - there has never been an easier way to overcome nocturnal mouth breathing.

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The Somni Snore Guard is made of FDA and EU standards approved food grade Ethylene-vinyl acetate (also known as EVA)

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Reviewed by Mr Lewis Brice
8th May 2018

Easy to fit, comfortable when fitted and defiantly helped with my snoring.

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