How To Sleep With A Snorer

How To Sleep With A Snorer

Leading this year's National Stop Snoring Week the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA) is helping an estimated 20 million partners of snorers who do not get a good night's sleep. Through a structured programme the health, daytime functioning and relationships of all these people are set to improve.

Recently researchers have found that of the 1100+ people polled, 77% said their snorer was willing to seek a solution but had yet to find it. However, 1 in 4 snorers are failing to invest in their relationships, forcing their partners to endure endless nights of misery.

69% of those polled encounter the nocturnal cacophony every night. 31% of couples sleep in separate rooms. But who sleeps where? By a small margin it is the snorers who are leaving the main bedroom to sleep in the spare room, but there are still 12% of snorers who are suffering the discomfort and indignation of sleeping on the sofa.

70% of respondents have tried ear plugs in the hope of cutting out the din, and most found them to be either partially or completely effective.

With alcohol being a contributory factor we asked our snorees to monitor their partner's snoring on alcohol-free nights. 85% snored just as ferociously even on a dry night.

BSSAA has released a programme today to help these snorees and save them from sleep deprivation. The new online resource: is expected to be the catalyst to a continuing success story.

The resource guides people to focus on those areas of the problem over which they do have control and shows how small changes can bring about potentially significant benefits.

Over 100 respondents would like to share their story with the media during National Stop Snoring Week. Please contact us so we can put you in touch.

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The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association is a not-for-profit charitable organisation helping people to get a good night's sleep.