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The 90 Day Snore-No-More Plan

The 90 day snore-no-more plan is a comprehensive guide to help you on your journey to stop snoring. It is a procedural driven flowchart to help you follow the correct route for problem diagnosis and the seeking of treatment. You may find that your snoring is not confined to one area alone but is multifactoral. This means that your snoring problems may have more than one cause.

PDF - The 90 Day Snore-No-More PlanThe 90 Day Snore-No-More Plan (PDF - 50k)

The 90 day snore-no-more plan focuses on the following causes.

Are you overweight?
Do you smoke & want to stop?
Will cause excessive muscle relaxation.
Can you breathe clearly through your nose?
Commonly associated with nasal stuffiness.
A common cause.
Do you sleep on your back?
Often transient but could persist.
Can result in failure to thrive.
Consider your hormones.
Loud snoring. Excessive daytime sleepiness?

If you are unable to locate the problem it may be wise to make an appointment to see your GP. Make a point of asking your partner to come with you as the information they will provide will be very useful. Your GP knows your complete medical history and is always the best person to advise you about serious medical matters.

Never the less he will be pleased that you have considered the problem carefully and undertaken self help remedies.

If sleep apnoea is suspected he will be happy to refer you to a sleep study for diagnosis.