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Rhynil - Stop Snoring Spray For Nose & Mouth

Nasal Hygiene & Allergy Relief

Proven effective relief from snoring, sinus infections and high levels of catarrh.

Rhynil - Stop Snoring Spray For Nose & Mouth
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233 Reviews (Rated 4.1 / 5)
Product Description

Rhynil spray is made entirely from a natural herb: Euphrasia Officinalis: commonly known as Eyebright. The formulation of Rhynil was originally proposed by a member of the Institute of Medical Herbalists in 1992 and was introduced as Snore Calm Herbal Spray. Due to its astringent properties, this herbal spray is used to treat snoring caused by 'palatal flutter'.

Rhynil is applied to both the nose and the roof of the mouth. It is a stronger formula than the original Snore Calm Herbal Spray.

Rhynil is particularly safe to use with no known adverse effects. In fact, the properties of this spray are so safe that the leaves of the Eyebright plant are added to salads.

Rhynil contains 35ml. The bottle dispenses approximately 350 sprays, enough for 4 weeks' treatment.

Product Images
  • Rhynil - Stop Snoring Spray For Nose & Mouth
  • Rhynil - Stop Snoring Spray For Nose & Mouth
  • Rhynil - Stop Snoring Spray For Nose & Mouth
  • Rhynil - Stop Snoring Spray For Nose & Mouth

Euphrasia Tincture, Water, Citric Acid, Disodium Orthophosphate, Potassium Sorbate

Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Robyn
22nd May 2018

I have only used the product on four occasions and my partners already tells me there is a significant difference in the level of my snoring. I think I may have to use the product for longer to see more benefits but so far I am very pleased.I find my snoring to be very embarrassing as I feel it is a major turnoff - especially when it is usually the male that snores.Thank you and I will continue using your product and hope I get further improvement.

Rated* * * * *