Advaita Petal Neti Pot

Advaita Petal Neti Pot

Nasal Hygiene & Allergy Relief

The perfect tool for nasal cleaning. It is inspired by nature and designed in the shape of a Lotus petal.

Advaita Petal Neti Pot
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Product Description

The Advaita Petal was created by Yoga teachers together with professional designers. Its functionality is enhanced by a cork lid that can be used as a nozzle tip for a more convenient look and usage. Eco friendly materials and modern manufacturing processes result in this superb quality bio design.

The Advaita Petal weighs 340g and holds recommended saline solution volume of 250ml. The cork lid is an applicator made of natural cork and a spare is included in the box.

The Advaita Petal was created by a fusion of ideas from Yoga teachers and professional designers to look good on the bathroom shelf and to function perfectly. It is beautifully made in the EU from the finest ceramics. The size and shape of the spout ensure an excellent flow rate. This pot is supplied with two natural cork lids which can also be used as a tip for the spout. Although the Advaita Petal weighs 530g filled it fits the hand comfortably.

The Advaita Petal has a useful capacity of 250ml so it is very suitable for use with NeilMed or NasoCleanse salt sachets, or Pari Montesol Nasal Rinse concentrated saline solution.

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