FreshGuard Disinfecting Tablets - 16

Mandibular Advancement Devices

Deep cleaning, anti-bacterial and disinfecting tablets.

FreshGuard Disinfecting Tablets - 16
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Product Description
  • Deep cleaning, anti-bacterial and disinfecting tablets for all removable dental and oral appliances - Kills 99.99% of bacteria (in accordance with DIN EN 1040
  • Removes Candida albicans and other pathogenic yeasts
  • Suitable for: Bruxism mouthguards/dental guards Anti-snoring mouthpieces Sport Guards TMJD appliances Removable retainers Removable braces
  • Pack of 16 foil wrapped cleaning & disinfecting tablets (recommended use at least once per week)
  • FreshGuard tablets are certified as a class 2b medical device accessory. Other products make claims such as 'cleans' or 'cleanses' These manufacturers cannot claim that their product is anti-bacterial and disinfecting, which can only be made when products are certified to class 2b.
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  • FreshGuard Disinfecting Tablets - 16