GoodKnight 420E APAP

GoodKnight 420E APAP

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This advanced auto-CPAP model automatically adapts to airway pressure needs.

GoodKnight 420E APAP
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Product Description

Unlike fixed pressure CPAPs, the Goodknight 420E Auto CPAP will adjust the pressure for you all through the night, and will adapt with night to night variability to your needs.

  • It senses snoring sounds and increases the pressure to counteract them
  • It senses hypopneas - decreases in air flow, and increases the pressure to counteract them
  • It senses apnoeas - cessations of breathing, and increases the pressure to counteract them

When the ideal pressure has been reached it will be maintained for a while. Then the pressure will slowly reduce until the unit senses an event that will require an increase in pressure again. This way, the unit delivers just the right amount of pressure required all the time.

Data is stored in the 420E which may be downloaded by your sleep centre or ourselves and reports produced, that will indicate the amount of time that the equipment is used and the number and type of events to which it has responded.

A Doctor's private prescription is required before we can supply any CPAP unit. CPAP prices exclude VAT. A VAT exemption can apply in most cases. Price includes CPAP machine, 1.8m CPAP tubing, 13 amp power cord, spare filters, travel bag, and instructions. Mask not included.

Product Specification

Pressure Range3 - 20 mbar (cm H2O)
Ramp Time0 - 30 Minutes
Starting Ramp Pressure4 mbar to CPAP pressure
Noise26 db
Dimensions144 x 189 x 79 mm
Weight0.64 kg + power pack
Data StorageYes
Pressure Relief FunctionNot applicable
Smart CodeNot applicable
Altitude CompensationAuto up to 8800 ft
Electrical Requirements110 - 240 AC; 12V DC
DC PowerYes with optional DC power cord or lithium ion battery
Hour MeterYes
Compliance MeterYes
Warranty2 Years
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  • GoodKnight 420E APAP
  • GoodKnight 420E APAP
  • GoodKnight 420E APAP
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Nigel Berry
21st Jun 2013

I love the way this machine modifies its presented pressure dependent on requirements (set-up) and then in its practical use, with the ramp-ups to overcome the apnoeas, as they occur and then drop-back to a normal rhythm. Its the only machine I can use to get a good sleep for my mild apnoea condition. My wife loves it as it stops my snoring.It is very quiet and simple to use. I am not sure how to get the sleep rhythm data out for further diagnostics of my condition though.It can dry your nose out so consider the use of a humidifier if this becomes intolerable. Its expensive but worth it as the machine supplied by the NHS (once my diagnostic data gathering ended) was a CPAP with a constant high pressure which I could not sleep with.

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4 Reviews (Rated 5.0 / 5)
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