Carederm Nasal Strips (30 Pack)

Carederm Nasal Strips (30 Pack)

Nasal Strips & Dilators

An affordable alternative to Breathe Right. Provides drug-free relief from nasal congestion. Tan coloured.

Carederm Nasal Strips (30 Pack)
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19 Reviews (Rated 3.0 / 5)
Product Description

Carederm disposable nasal strips help improve nasal breathing by gently opening nasal passages. Nasal strips relieve nasal congestion due to sinus colds and allergies, and may reduce or eliminate snoring.

30 Pack (3 x 10 Packs), tan coloured.

  • High grade adhesive holds strip strongly and comfortably.
  • Flexible and elastic band gently lift nasal passages open.


- Small/Medium, for the majority of adults and adolescents with an average to smaller than average nose size.
- Large, for adults with larger noses.

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    Customer Reviews
    Reviewed by Diana Wend
    3rd Dec 2013

    IF YOUR FUNDS CAN RUN TO THIS, I find that to use a Nasal Strip more effectively, place in a correctly moulded Megavent Breathing Aid. While this is still in the nostrils, place the Nasal Stip over the bridge of the nose ( as instructed ) - then remove the plastic Breathing Aid. This ensures that I get maximum air - it opens the nostrils a bit more, plus thereis no plastic 'taking up nasal-space '!

    Rated* * * * *
    19 Reviews (Rated 3.0 / 5)