Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow - Tested & Reviewed

Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow

Tested & Reviewed

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Now you can sleep on your back without snoring. This ergonomically designed pillow gently supports and positions the head and neck to encourage better body alignment and snore-free sleep. It features a shaped foam core and has a firmness rating of 5.

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  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Made in the UK
  • Two year guarantee

The anti-snoring secret lies in the ergonomically shaped foam core.

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The Silentnight Sleepzone Anti Snore Pillow has a hollowfibre filling for comfort, combined with an orthopaedically shaped foam core that is designed to promote a better head position for clear breathing, in order to help reduce snoring. It is hypo-allergenic and features a poly cotton cover that may be washed by hand.

One of the biggest causes of snoring is that around 25 per cent of us lie on our backs in bed, which inevitably puts the head at the wrong angle to allow unimpeded breathing.

That's why we developed the Sleepzone Anti Snore Pillow. Its secret lies in the orthopaedic properties of its shaped foam core. This promotes a more natural sleeping position, which in turn helps to keep the airways open and so encourages better breathing - and less snoring.

As you might expect, it is completely hypo-allergenic, thanks to its soft, hollowfibre filling and poly cotton cover.

The Reality - Our Review & Opinion

Way back in 1991 when we developed the original 90 day snore no more plan we noted that allergies were a common cause of severe snoring. Fast forward 27 years and the situation is exactly the same. If you have feather pillow you may well find that by changing it to one with a synthetic fibre filling you can reduce, and in some cases, completely eliminate the snoring overnight.

Replacing our old duck feather pillow with the Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow had an instant effect. It was immediately clear that there was a significant improvement in both snoring frequency & volume.

No remedy

Snore Score - No Remedies

Reduction effect of pillow

Snore Score - Reduced by 50%

Reduction with pillow & nasal dilator

Snore Score - Reduced by over 50% with a nasal dilator

The shaped foam core and medium firmness contribute nicely to the overall feeling of comfort. Unfortunately it's not possible to comment on whether better body alignment was achieved as in our tests side-sleeping was the preferred position.

Did it help with snoring? - Yes. Snoring volume and frequency was reduced approximately 50%.

Would we recommend this product - Yes, especially if you are using a feather pillow.

Cost & Availability

Available online from many retailers. Ours was sourced for £12 and was shipped via Amazon UK.

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Tested & reviewed, May & June 2018 by a male, aged 40-50, with a BMI of 26. Identified as a multifactoral snorer using the Interactive Snore Tests. A mandibular advancement device being the strongly recommended treatment.