Generic Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece (Blue Tab) - Tested & Reviewed

Generic Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece (Blue Tab)

Tested & Reviewed

Sold As

NHS Anti Snore Snoring Mouth Guard Device Sleep Aid Stop Apnoea Stop Snoring


  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Prevents Grinding of Teeth.
  • Eliminates Snoring.
  • Made from soft silicone making this one of the most comfortable mouthpieces on the market.
  • Four large holes allows you to breathe-easy during sleep.*
  • Mouthpiece effortlessly controls your tongue position.
  • Ready form technology allows you to wear this mouthpiece right out of the package without boil and biting.**

* supplied model has just 1 hole
** this definitely does need moulding

No instructions were supplied with the product. The original listing on the Internet offered the following guidance:

  • First mould the mouthpiece with hot water to comfortably fit your mouth.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions are included and a handling tab is provided. After this one-off fitting, you place the device into your mouth before going to sleep, and take it out when you wake.
  • The device can be placed in the protective case provided between uses to allow it to dry and to protect it from dirt and damage.
  • If for any reason you need to re-mould it simply follow the moulding instructions again.
The Fitting Process

As no instructions were supplied, we looked to the Internet for help. A listing on a Chinese wholesalers web site indicated the following:

  1. Insert the blue handle into tray breath hole, and then put into container.
  2. Put hot water (about 70-80 degree C) into container till the tray is submerged.
  3. Keep the tray in water for about 15-25 seconds, and then take out the tray using the insert handle.
  4. Gently shake off the excess water and insert the mouth tray into mouth. Adjust the tray to a comfortable position and then bite on, using your fingers to the tray around the front and sides to make a good mold of your teeth and gum shape.
  5. Remove the tray, after you feel that all your teeth have left good impressions on it.
  6. Put the shaped tray into cool water to fix your Anti Snore tray, and take out the insert handle.

Heated for 30 Seconds

Heated for 40 Seconds

The Reality - Our Review & Opinion

It's somewhat mind-blowing that a product such as this can be supplied for such a low price - currently the cheapest we can find is £0.79 with free shipping, making it by far and away the lowest priced mouth guard that claims to eliminate snoring - and some retailors are even offering a money back guarantee. This certainly seems too good to be true, and for the most part, it is.

The device itself appears to be relatively well constructed. It's profile is smaller than many other single piece devices on the market. It didn't interfere with the gag reflex or rub against the gums. The bite channels were sufficiently wide to make fitting a relatively simple process. The blue tab slotted securely in the hole and there was no danger of the device slipping off during fitting.

Moulding the device was an easy procedure, however we found the suggested timings are a little off. The guidance recommended 15-25 seconds, but for our first attempt we kept the device immersed for 30 seconds. This wasn't sufficient to gain good impressions. Retention was poor and no protrusion was obtained. For our second attempt we kept the device in water for 40 seconds. This, we would suggest, is the upper most limit of tolerance as the plastic became very soft, slightly floppy and was on the verge of distorting. We would suggest 35 seconds is probably the ideal length of time to obtain the optimum fit. However, we noted that even with the much softer material, impressions made by the back teeth were still not sufficient.

In the mouth at night we experienced the following issues:

  • Lots of salivation - had to remove device every 10 minutes to swallow excess saliva. This did improve with the device we moulded for 40 seconds.
  • Swallowed air when gulping trying to rid the mouth of saliva which caused stomach bloating.
  • It was hard to find a comfortable position for the tongue.
  • Opening the lips to breathe through the hole in the front of the device resulted in a dry mouth sensation.
  • Teeth felt sensitive in the morning and excess salivation continued through most of the following day.

These are relatively common side effects and issues experienced using any oral appliance and do tend to improve over time.

Did it help with snoring? - Not in this instance as the achieved protrusion was minimal and retention was an issue.

Would we recommend this product - No, but not because it wasn't effective in our tests. With a good fitting, this could well be the solution for some people who don't require too much lower jaw protrusion. However, we cannot be certain what material this device is made from and how safe it is to use in the long term. Some listings say it's silicone and others say it's a food grade EVA material. For any oral appliance, we recommend you always look for legitimate CE Marking (Europe) or FDA Approval (USA).

Cost & Availability

Available online from many retailers. Ours was sourced for £1.06 and was shipped from Hong Kong.

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Tested & reviewed between, May 3rd & May 13th 2018 by a male, aged 40-50, with a BMI of 26. Identified as a multifactoral snorer using the Interactive Snore Tests. A mandibular advancement device being the strongly recommended treatment.