Acusnore Anti Snore Magnetic Nose Clip - Tested & Reviewed

Acusnore Anti Snore Magnetic Nose Clip

Tested & Reviewed

Tag Line (Outer Packaging)

The magnet in the clip gently opens the nostrils to increase airflow which helps to prevent snoring.

Unique Selling Points (Outer Packaging)
  • Drug Free
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • All Natural
  • Works using the Ancient Chinese Medicine of Magnetic Therapy
  • Made with the Rare Earth Magnet 800 + Gauss Developed by NASA
  • Made from Extra Comfortable Non Slip Silicone
Sold As

The original.

Using gentle pressure and magnetic therapy the Acusnore Nose Clip helps open nasal passages taking pressure off parts of the throat that vibrate and cause snoring. An improvement over Snore Strips the Acusnore Nose Clip requires no painful peeling off and has built-in therapeutic magnets.

First choice alternative by NHS doctors before recommending (uppp) surgery.

Keep out of reach of children
Only use as directed
Do not share
Clean after several uses

View the enclosed instruction booklet.

Notes & Observations

Very similar, if not the same as the following products;

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The Reality - Our Review & Opinion

Unfortunately the combined powers of NASA and Ancient Chinese Medicine weren't sufficient enough to make this product effective during our test. Upon inserting the surprisingly small device into the nose it was immediately clear that it didn't gently open the nostrils and increase the airflow, as claimed. It simply 'clips' onto the septum and is held in place by the magnets. No outwards pressure is applied and the nasal airway isn't dilated. It would seem more logical for the magnets to repel each other and force open the airway - the more commonly applied principal of nasal dilation. If anything, it felt like it restricted airflow slightly and unfortunately mouth breathing became preferable.

Looking at customer reviews on the Internet, it seems that many people noted the clip falls out during the night. This we found wasn't a problem. The fit was secure but it did cause an occasional uncomfortable tickling sensation inside the nose. This, I would imagine, could diminish with repeated use.

Did it help with snoring? - No noticeable effect was observed

Would we recommend this product - No

Cost & Availability

Available online from many retailers. Ours was sourced for £6.11 and was shipped via Amazon UK.

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Tested & reviewed, May 1st 2018 by a male, aged 40-50, with a BMI of 26. Identified as a multifactoral snorer using the Interactive Snore Tests. A mandibular advancement device being the strongly recommended treatment.