NasoCleanse Squeeze

NasoCleanse Squeeze

Nasal Hygiene & Allergy Relief

The Nasocleanse Squeeze is effective, safe, and easy to clean. Features an anti backwash valve.

NasoCleanse Squeeze
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Product Description

The NasoCleanse Squeeze is perfect for the person who prefers a positive pressure device. The NasoCleanse Squeeze technology allows for the most convenient, clean and effective squeeze bottle on the market today.

The NasoCleanse Squeeze was created to complement the original method, the neti pot. Clinically proven to provide the most effective relief of sinus and nasal symptoms, both delivery methods of the NasoCleanse system offer consumers an alternative to pills and the side effects that come with them.

The new NasoCleanse Squeeze delivers the natural solution through an exclusive, wide-mouth opening that makes it easy to use and keep clean. It is also the only nasal wash bottle with an anti-backwash valve and made of unbreakable, antibacterial plastic to ensure safety and cleanliness. Unlike other products on the market, it is dishwasher-safe for added protection and convenience.

The NasoCleanse nasal wash system features unique ultra-fine grain saline ingredients that dissolve instantly in warm water. The natural saline solution soothes on contact, providing instant sinus relief. It is completely natural and contains no harmful additives such as preservatives, anti-caking agents or iodine that are commonly found in most saline solutions. Includes 30 ultra fine saline solution sachets.

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