'One Of Everything' Stop Snoring Package

'One Of Everything' Stop Snoring Package

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An ideal gift for a friend, family member or partner.

'One Of Everything' Stop Snoring Package
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Do you know someone who snores? You could help them on their way to a peaceful nights sleep with this incredible package deal. If purchased seperately these six items would cost you £103.90. Purchasing this package will save you over £33.

Tomed SomnoGuard• Tomed SomnoGuard
Mandibular Advancement Device for tongue base snorers
Rhynil• Rhynil
Treat snoring caused by a 'fluttering' soft palate.
Snore-No-More• Snore-No-More
Supports the nasal cavity preventing it from collapsing.
Kleerway Nasal Strips• Kleerway Nasal Strips
30 external nasal strips
Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips• Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips
30 strips providing help for those who snore with their mouth open
Snore Calm Foam Ear Plugs• Snore Calm Foam Ear Plugs
For your bed partner
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    Customer Reviews
    Reviewed by K Phillips
    1st Jun 2010

    A great way of trying a range of tactics! Leaflets included in pack were quite helpful. The spray and nose clip definitely decreased the volume of the snore. The nasal strips really didn't stick very well. However the somno guard has so far worked 100%. It takes a few days for your body to get used to the new jaw position and can result in the jaw feeling a little tender, however the chin up strips seem to ease the tension and help a little with this.

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    4 Reviews (Rated 4.1 / 5)
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