NasoCleanse Neti Pot

NasoCleanse Neti Pot

Nasal Hygiene & Allergy Relief

This neti pot is made of unbreakable plastic and is dishwasher safe to prevent contamination.

NasoCleanse Neti Pot
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Product Description

The NasoCleanse neti pot is based upon the traditional design developed centuries ago in ancient India, and uses the gentle flow of gravity to deliver the saline solution to the nose.

The NasoCleanse neti pot is made of unbreakable plastic. Its translucent body enables you to see how much saline solution has been used. It is lightweight and suitable for travel.

This pack contains the neti pot, 30 sachets of pre-measured neti salt, a stirring spoon and full instructions for use. Each sachets contain 2.3mg Sodium Chloride and 0.7mg sodium bicarbonate.

The NasoCleanse neti pot is most suited to those who prefer a small volume, quick nasal irrigation. It has a useful capacity of 175ml and is best used with the included NasoCleanse® saline solution sachets. NasoCleanse Saline Refill Sachets are available.

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