Xnore Anti-Snoring Chin Support

Xnore Anti-Snoring Chin Support

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A new concept - this unique and novel device developed by Anaesthetist and GP, Dr Muthana Hassan, supports the chin during sleep preventing the mouth falling open.

Xnore Anti-Snoring Chin Support
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Product Description

This is the first truly new anti-snoring device on the market for many years.

The first production run has been handmade in the UK especially for British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association's customers who will be among the first in the world to benefit from Xnore.

Xnore is a safe Chin Support Device designed to reduce or eliminate snoring for people who snore with their mouth open.

Xnore Device is non-invasive, adjustable, and easy to wear. It provides a great night's sleep for the snorer and their partner and keeps the breath fresh and prevents dry mouth. Greater benefit is obtained from Xnore when used in conjunction with nasal dilators.

Xnore Anti-Snoring Chin Support

Xnore is suitable for both men and women as it is made in two sizes. Size 1 for collar sizes up to 14.5" and size 2 for 15" and over.

Xnore is not suitable for people who have nasal polyps, those who suffer from epilepsy, or those who sleep in the prone position (on their front).

In limited clinical trials conducted by Dr Hassan 9 out of 10 subjects found it reduced their snoring, and one third of the subjects found that it completely abolished their snoring. Two thirds of Dr Hassan's snoring volunteers said that the Xnore was Highly Effective.

Dr Hassan said that 'being a heavy snorer himself he applied his clinical and anatomical knowledge to invent this positional device'. He used to feel guilty about keeping his wife awake. She is also a Doctor and needs to be on top form every day. The device has changed his life for the better and hers too. He spent many years developing it beyond the prototype stage so that others can benefit from his invention.

He is now looking to explore the potential of the device in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. We will be sending follow up questionnaires to all new users of the device so we can monitor their success. Dr Hassan will be working with us to solve any patient problems.

Mr Andrew d'E Meredith - MA FRCS DLO, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Sleep Specialist and Lead Clinician at the East Sussex Sleep Disorder Service has given Xnore a warm welcome to the armoury of anti-snoring aids. He said, "having seen this device in the development stage I look forward to hearing subjects' feed-back".

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