Tomed SomnoGuard DB

Tomed SomnoGuard DB

Mandibular Advancement Devices

Medical oral appliance to treat snoring and sleep apnoea. Suitable for overbite & deep bite.

Tomed SomnoGuard DB
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The Tomed SomnoGuard DB has been replaced by the new more technically advanced Tomed SomnoGuard 3.

The SomnoGuard DB differs from the classic SomnoGuard because of a 1.5 mm thickened molar biting zone on each side and an increase in the height of the molar side wall by 1 mm. Please consult our mandibular advancement device comparison table if you are unsure about suitability.

SomnoGuard® stops snoring and reduces nocturnal respiratory arrests, and thereby improves the quality of sleep. The oral appliance worn at night is made from thermoflexible copolymers. It can be directly moulded in the mouth after being heated in boiling water. Its main effect is the advancement of the lower jaw, thereby opening the upper airway. Fitting is quite simple, does not require any special tools, and can be completed within a few minutes.

Price shown includes VAT. If you are purchasing a SomnoGuard mandibular advancement device to treat obstructive sleep apnoea, you are entitled to claim VAT relief.

Simply add a SomnoGuard to your basket, proceed to the checkout and follow the on-screen instructions.

In order to use this device effectively you must have at least one clear nasal airway. If using this device it is advisable to have all your own teeth. You must be free from any tempromandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) - pain at the jaw joint. If in doubt ask your dentist.

Tomed SomnoGuard®'s unique feature is a small hole in the front of the device which can be plugged if not required. The hole makes swallowing easier. Tomed is easy to fit but you may wish to ask your dentist to fit it if you have false or missing teeth or if you have a receeding chin. Tomed SomnoGuard® is moulded in hot water so that you can fit to your individual requirements.

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    Customer Reviews
    Reviewed by Nathan Barnett
    26th Jun 2013

    The short review is that the device stopped my snoring. I had some initial problems, suffering an ache in my front lower teeth from wearing it. After resetting the device with less of a forward bite the pain has diminished but hasn't gone completely. Whilst the device appears to have stopped my snoring, it is very cumbersome in the mouth and I do feel discomfort on the front teeth.

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    16 Reviews (Rated 3.8 / 5)
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