ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs

ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs

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Protect your ears against permanent hearing damage. Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Protection for sleeping, music, travelling, motorcycling, motorsport.

ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs
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12 Reviews (Rated 3.6 / 5)
Product Description

Revolutionary solid aluminium micro ear protectors that isolate you from noise like never before.

  • Protect your ears against permanent hearing damage - LONG LIVE EARS®.
  • ISOLATE® is not like any other ear protector; it blocks direct sound from entering your ears including bass frequencies without any batteries or annoying re-charging.
  • Revolutionary Ear Protection for Music, Travelling, Sleeping, Motorcycling, Motorsport.
  • ISOLATE® reduces noise levels but still allows you to hear details in sound through bone conduction.
  • Each ISOLATE® set (1 pair of earplugs) includes a pair of replaceable small, medium and large EARFOAMS® and a mesh carry pouch.


ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs

Traditionally ear protection had relied on plastics, foams, silicones and if you're desperate cotton wool. These are used to absorb sound, but they still allow low frequency sound to penetrate, and there you are, in a world of booming bass and subsonic pressure, the results are uncomfortable and just plain unpleasant.

Well no more. Flare Audio have taken a radical new approach to noise reduction and thrown out the rulebook. Metals have always been good conductors and so convention would suggest they are not a good choice to block sound... however metal has to have a direct connection to conduct sound. So isolate the metal with a soft foam inside your ear and you end up with the most effective ear plug ever made.

The density of metal means sound waves can't penetrate, and where traditional earplugs fail to block that subsonic dirge, these do it beautifully. What's more rather than living in a disorientating world of absolute silence you can actually hear with more clarity and definition due to your own body's own sound conduction.

It just so happens that your body is very well suited to conducted these sounds at a variety of frequencies to your inner ear, the effect being the sound is reduced to a low level volume... it's like cranking it up to 1 on the dial.

Isolate offers perfect protection for:

Undisturbed sleeping
Enjoy a good nights sleep with perfect isolation from noisy neighbours, snoring and traffic noise.
Concerts and Clubs
Experience the most incredible sonic details at safe levels with no uncomfortable subsonic pressure.
Travel in splendid serenity on planes, trains and automobiles.
Protect your ears from loud and painful noises.
Hidden in your ear they are perfect for wearing inside your helmet in perfect comfort.
Permanent hearing damage is always a risk when you work in noisy environments. Isolate offer the perfect solution to protect your ears.

Flare Audio have done the science bit and produced the perfect ear plug, now see how good it looks. Finely crafted in aerospace grade aluminium these beauties are the perfect marriage of form and function. But it doesn't stop there, you can even choose your colour... choose from a magnificent 7 colour options all including a set of small/ medium and Large EARFOAMS® ensuring you get the perfect fit.

Size 17.5mm long, 8.5mm diameter
Weight 1.76g
SNR35. L=29 M=32 H=35

Colour (Anodised)Price*
Product Images
  • ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs
  • ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs
  • ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs
  • ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs
  • ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs
  • ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs
  • ISOLATE - Revolutionary Solid Aluminium Ear Plugs
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Joycelyn
30th Apr 2018

These were meant to be the lifeline which I had been looking for. My previous review - based on say, a few day's use (perhaps a week at most) was glowing. Note the past tense. No complaints re the style and light weight of the aluminium plugs - it's just the actual black buds themselves. They don't last. And while they're not supposed to be permanent - I get that - equally I would have expected a longer wear out of them especially considering the cost of the originals and their replacements. It's a shame because by the time you get to this site - if you live with a chronic snorer - you'll be desperate, so these buds offer a way to the land of nod without having to rely on sleeping tablets. But the problem is that the buds end up tearing and disintegrating meaning the hard core of the metal holder is exposed after a couple of weeks' use. If you have a disposable income and are happy to replace these buds on a regular basis - then they can work for you. Be advised though that they do not block out as much sound as the blurb implies. Granted it's crucial while we're sleeping (or trying to!) that we can still hear our surroundings but when those surroundings include the snoring/sounds you're trying to block out then it begs the question - what's the point? Plus they'll fall out of your ears. Too many times I've woken up in the middle of the night feeling around for a small bud. And that's not a euphemism. So in relation to those two points the Isolate 'revolutionary' ear plugs have turned out to be a disappointment. I've had to resort to Drapers' Industrial ear-plugs (orange and made from rubber silicon and costing £1 max) in order to get some kip. Can I ask that Isolate look again at their ear-buds. Even if biodegradeable (a welcome plus) they should still last longer than a few weeks. So for that reason, I'm giving them a two.

Rated* * * * *
12 Reviews (Rated 3.6 / 5)