Portable CPAP Power Station (C150)

Portable CPAP Power Station (C150)

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Rechargeable battery pack for CPAP. Fully complies with airline's current requirements for carry on luggage.

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3 Reviews (Rated 4.5 / 5)
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Product Description

Complete freedom to use your CPAP anywhere with this small medical grade Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack. With a capacity of 150Wh this unit fully complies with airline's current requirements for carry on luggage.

Important: A power converter is required when using this power station with any ResMed S8 CPAP machine.

  • Size 247 x 125 x 23 mm
  • Weight 1234g
  • DC in socket
  • USB out - to power mobile phones etc.
  • Power level check button
  • Power level meter
  • DC out
  • Power supply (charger)
  • 13A fig 8 mains lead
  • DC lead with multiple tips to suit most common 12v appliances.
  • No memory effect. The battery can be recharged any time regardless of the amount of remaining charge
  • Can be used on aircraft (but not during take off and landing), though you must discuss this with your carrier before travel
  • May also be used with CPAP from other manufacturers, e.g.,
    • DeVilbiss
    • Fisher & Paykel
    • Invacare
    • Puritan Bennett
    • Respironics
    • ResMed
    • Breas
    • Sullivan
    • evo Medical
    Please contact us for further advice

Warning: It is IMPERATIVE that the polarity of the 12v supply is correct for the appliance. Always consult the appliance manual arranging the connection. The output from these batteries is centre positive.

Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Mark
5th Mar 2014

I choose this battery pack as it is able to be carried on flights which not all can be. I have used this battery twice alongside Resmed's convertor and S9 CPAP machine. On both occasions there was plenty of power available to supply my cpap for 9 hours and charge my iPhone at the same time, a bonus that other power solutions did not have. It doesn't quite last 2 full nights usage but it does charge fully in about 4 hours so it's not presented a problem so far. Thanks also should go to the team at the store who were able to offer support throughout.

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3 Reviews (Rated 4.5 / 5)
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