Nasal Aire II Mask

Nasal Aire II Mask

CPAP Masks

An alternative to the standard nasal mask for CPAP treatment now supplied with 6 nose pieces.

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Nasal Aire II Mask
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Product Description

Nasal-Aire II is the latest innovative product from InnoMed Technologies that will help battle this sleep disorder that affects millions worldwide. Nasal Aire involves no bulky headgear, restrictive masks, or uncomfortable straps. Nasal Aire II allows these patients to have a full range of motion without limitations which will result in a better nights sleep.

Nasal-Aire II is now sold complete with six nose pieces for easy fitting.

  • An alternative to the standard nasal mask for CPAP treatment
  • No uncomfortable pressure points on the face
  • User can sleep in any position
  • Virtually leak-free - does not chill the nose
  • Promotes unprecedented patient compliance
  • Built-in swivel
  • Minimal parts; easy to assemble and clean
  • 6 sizes in one package: X-Small, Small, Medium, Medium-Plus, Large, X-Large

When the device is worn by the patient, the under-nose manifold is positioned across the patient's upper lip with the nasal inserts positioned in patient's nostrils. The tubing drapes easily over the patient's ears in the manner of standard nasal cannula, thus stabilizing the under nose manifold, with the "Y" coupling positioned in front of patient, and the need to use the supplied head gear is not always necessary eliminating the need for uncomfortable straps and headgear.

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  • Nasal Aire II Mask
  • Nasal Aire II Mask
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by John Pietraszko
17th Feb 2017

I am a heavy mouth snorer this nasal mask works very for me. Snoring down by 95%. A good nights sleep, my wife is very happy. Nose can get a little sore after continued use then I use the standard mask for a day or two.

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12 Reviews (Rated 4.5 / 5)
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