Breas Z1 Base System (Fixed Pressure Travel CPAP)

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The Z1 is the world's smallest, lightest, most integrated cpap machine. At only 10 ounces the Z1 is a quantum leap in portable cpap.

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Breas Z1 Base System (Fixed Pressure Travel CPAP)
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2 Reviews (Rated 5.0 / 5)
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Product Description

The world's smallest, lightest, most integrated cpap machine. In development for more than three years, Breas looked at every part and component in a cpap machine and relentlessly attempted to improve upon it. From a smaller motor to a more compact circuit board, Breas whittled away every ounce of wasted space until we arrived at the Z1; the smallest, lightest, most portable cpap machine in the world. Small enough to travel. Powerful enough to be used every day. The Z1 is an ideal travel machine. It literally fits in the palm of your hand so you will never have to leave your cpap at home.

For at travel cpap the Z1 devices are quiet. The sound level is only 26 db using standard testing methods, although we have heard of slightly louder results from users.

The Z1 box contains:

  • Z1 Fixed Pressure CPAP Device
  • Power Supply with Power Cord
  • Cable, USB A to Micro B
  • Z1 Custom Tube Adapter
  • Patient Breathing Tube
  • Filter (1-pack)
  • HCHF with port

Additional Information:

  • Weight : 284 g
  • Dimensions : 165 x 84 x 51 mm
  • Sound : 26 dBa
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  • Breas Z1 Base System (Fixed Pressure Travel CPAP)
  • Breas Z1 Base System (Fixed Pressure Travel CPAP)
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Mark McCarthy
3rd Apr 2018

Excellent communications from the team at BSSAA helped! The machine is excellent and has an USB interface so you can download data of how many hours you are sleeping and other info which my NHS machine doesn't. The lightweight tube with the machine is slightly short but you can use one from your main machine if you need to. The machine itself is only 284 g but you have to factor in the power supply which is probably about another 150 g. I am using to go backpacking staying in hostels, so this is a life saver. It is the only machine which is small enough and light enough to fit in my 35 L rucksack with all my clothes and still fit into cabin luggage. With the excellent price I am certainly going to recommended it as a standard machine to my NHS provider. All in all highly recommended!

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2 Reviews (Rated 5.0 / 5)
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