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Rhynil (Double Strength)

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NEW - Double strength version of Rhynil for heavy duty snorers.

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Rhynil (Double Strength)
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I've been using normal strength Rhynil for a couple of years now. Although I do find it helpful in clearing my nasal passages, it has not significantly eased my snoring. I purchased the new double-strength formula about ten days ago in the hope that this might do the trick. It certainly feels better in terms of reducing nasal stuffiness but unfortunately I'm reliably informed by my husband that it has had no effect on my snoring so far. I will continue with the treatment to give it time to take effect but I suspect I need a combination of treatments and weight loss to achieve a real reduction in snoring. I should add that I am a hay fever sufferer and have found both Rhynil products excellent for controlling allergy symptoms.
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