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Breas Z1 Auto Travel CPAP

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The Z1 Auto builds on the form-factor of the Z1 CPAP to deliver a small, light and integrated auto-cpap machine.

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Breas Z1 Auto Travel CPAP
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" Breas Z1 Auto Travel CPAP "
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I have a Philips CPAP at home, and wanted this for travel as it's lighter, smaller, and means I can keep my home system ready set-up, so I can slip into bed quickly when I get home late after a long journey. I've used it five times now and found it works just fine. I was lucky enough to be given a spare mask by the hospital so I can use the same mask type on both machines. It seems slightly noisier at the mask, but a friend I stayed with last week said it was very quiet. For the first few seconds it's an effort to breath out, but it quickly adjusts itself and I get as good a night's sleep as with my full size one. The PC app allows data to be downloaded and one can analyse various aspects but, surprisingly, not the actual pressures used during the night. Not cheap at around 750, but will save on flight baggage charges and is much easier to lug around. The battery housing and battery prices were ridiculous, and in any case would add weight to my luggage which I wish to avoid. I therefore still need to carry an extension lead as hotels almost never seem to have power points in a convenient place.
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