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Xerostom Mouth Wash

Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)

Use in combination with the complete range: toothpaste, pastilles, saliva substitute, oral spray and dental gum.

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Xerostom Mouth Wash
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" Xerostom Mouth Wash "
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I've used a number of Xerostrom products over the las two or three years. All, of course, to deal with very Dry Mouth (cotton mouth USA) symtoms and also 'Thick Salaiva. I think most people will have experienced both symtoms at some time in their life, a number of us have them rather frequently. The side effects of cotton mouth can be severe. With the feeling that the edges of our teeth become sharp (probably the lining of the mouth becoming inflamed) and the mouth getting covered in tiny cuts.I've tried many treatments, Nystatin from the GP that helps but but only short term, Salt water oral rinsing that does nothing other than 'sting' the mouth to .............. all with out any long term cure. Then I purchased Xerostrom Mouthwash as I'd purchased so many other claimed cures. The difference here - it seemed to really help me. The symtoms vanished very quickly and with repeated use over a few days seemed to stay gone for much longer than anything I'd tried over the years. Now when the first signs show of it returning (usually the thickening of my saliva) I get the Zerostrom out its controlled very quickly.Don't get me wrong, at £6 a bottle its not cheap. But for me it works and I have relief after probebly ten years of on off suffering. Other Zerostrom products are available; mini-tablets, gum etc. Less of a problem to use when out and about. The mouthwash for me is the best of the lot. Instant relief! Bob Cartmell
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