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SleepRight Dura Comfort Night-Guard

Bruxism Mouth-Guards

Top of the range, for the severe teeth grinder (bruxer) wanting superior comfort and durability.

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SleepRight Dura Comfort Night-Guard
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" Better than what dentists give you "
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I was intrigued by approach and philosophy behind the SleepRight Dental Guard because it made sense to try to train our teeth and jaws not to grind. I've had it for a number of months now and although I didn't follow instructions to start wearing it an hour before sleeping - I still feel that my teeth grinding has been reduced considerably when using this guard. I feel much better in the morning than I did when I was using the night guard prescribed by my dentist. If I don't wear it I still grind my teeth. I feel that it would be beneficial to follow instructions and in addition look into ways to reduce tension and stress in the jaw. I am happy with this product and I would recommend it over night guards they sell in shops or those made by dentists.
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