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SleepRight Dura Comfort Night-Guard

Bruxism Mouth-Guards

Top of the range, for the severe teeth grinder (bruxer) wanting superior comfort and durability.

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SleepRight Dura Comfort Night-Guard
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" Good Quality product tricky to use "
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I bought the product after having jaw pain and searching for that online. I'd been advised previously by my dentist some years before to cut down on fizzy drinks but still after 3 years of not drinking fizzy drinks my teeth are still suffering undue wear. Lately I'd been signed off work with stress and found I had almost constant jaw pain. The desire to deal with that made me conduct searches and that is when I found this product.This is a very good quality product the material is soft and relatively comfortable it is easy to keep clean by washing in warm water or rinsing with some mouthwash as instructed. It very much does the job however...The problem I had that was when I first used it I couldn't stop gagging. It sat fine between my teeth and was easily adjustable to fit with the narrow band at the front of my mouth very effectively preventing the device from being a choking hazard however my brain didn't see it that way and my gag reflex kicked in, and I just couldn't keep it in my mouth.That said having paid around £80 for it with shipping I was extremely reluctant to simply put it to one side and ignore it especially when my teeth are severely suffering with the enamel badly chipping. So I persevered with a tactic of short 1-2 min sessions and it got dramatically easier.I noted that the cause of the gagging seemed to be if I had my mouth open at all if I relaxed my lips and closed my mouth it was fine. I could then consciously concentrate on the action of my teeth and deliberately relax to avoid biting on the device. As the idea is to have it as a guard to prevent grinding rather than being something you bite on. The idea seems to be you train your mouth to relax and during sleep it keeps the teeth apart.The only issue after I'd dealt with the gagging was that I found it caused my mouth to water a LOT, thus I was effectively drooling rather than grinding this meant it was difficult to get off to sleep whilst wearing it and to date, after 6 weeks, I've not been able to wear it all night.As a result I'm still struggling to use it. So it is an excellent product well made, durable and does seem to work. I just have personal issues with the way my body reacts to this "foreign" device in my mouth. As such it really isn't working with me yet although I continue to try hard to make it work. This is why I scored it just under half, excellent product but I can't yet use it so I do feel I've wasted my money to date. However that said I am extremely glad I went for the more expensive "comfort" option as I suspect the cheaper product would have been worse.
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