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SleepRight Slim Comfort Night-Guard

Bruxism Mouth-Guards

Suitable for bruxism sufferers who have either a small mouth or sensitive gums.

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SleepRight Slim Comfort Night-Guard
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" SleepRight Slim Comfort night-Guard "
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I bought this product after I lost the rigid tooth guard my dentist made for me and needed something quickly. I researched different toothguards quite thoroughly and was attracted to this as it was small and reasonably priced. I found the product is a bit too flimsy and doesn't stay in place. I've set it to it's smallest setting which means the teeth that are biting the piece are not the ones that are supposed to. However, I am still using it as 50% of the time it does seem to help. The other 50% of the time I find that I am moving the bite pads out of the way with my tounge (in my sleep) and as a result go back to clenching my teeth. I shall carry on using it until I've bitten it to pieces and will then try a different product - something more rigid. I would like to see something designed that sits firmly over the back molars, like some kind of cap? This might however, be the perfect product for someone else!!
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