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Nasal Mask

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The new Nasal Mask combines improved silicone technology with an adjustable frame to ensure a secure seal and maximum patient comfort.

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Nasal Mask
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" Design lets it down "
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This is a great mask, very comfortable and good seal. Unfortunately it has a plastic plug type thing on the front that has a tendancy to fall off when you're a sleep. This leaves a hole in the mask that lets all the air out. I can't understand why this isn't fixed to the mask in some way as I can see no reason to take it out. I have looked into whether you can buy spare plastic plugs (it's small and am concerned that it will fall out when travelling and get lost), however as far as I can see you can't, which means that if it does go missing you would have to buy a new mask. This is a real shame because if it wasn't for this small flaw this would be the perfect mask.
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