National Stop Snoring Week 2012

This year during National Stop Snoring Week volunteers will endeavour to stop snoring using remedies and old wives tales from as far back as the early 1800s. They will try the following remedies:

  • Ball in the back of pyjamas
  • Drinking milk
  • Eating horseradish
  • Gargling with garlic
  • Phonetic exercises
  • Rubbing upper lip of snorer
  • Water under the bed
  • Sucking a dummy
  • A Royal remedy - rub toothpaste under the nostrils of snorer
  • Sleeping without pillows

Volunteers will use a chosen remedy for one week and report their progress with video diaries. We will see if any of these remedies actually work.

For further information visit or contact Marianne Davey on 01737 245638 or email