Snoring Victims Snubbed by Nation's Snorers

Snoring Victims Snubbed by Nation's Snorers


21 - 26 April 2008

With National Stop Snoring Week just one week away on April 21-26, 2008, the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association ( has some answers to the scourge of snoring and offers the nation a good night's sleep.

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Marianne Davey, Association director, comments, "Our research shows that 12 million snorers know they disturb their bed partner's sleep, yet 2 million of them say they don't care. A good night's sleep is a key part of our well-being but partners of snorers suffer sleep deprivation, excessive tiredness and poor physical and mental health."

She continues: "In 2008, discussion topics for the Association will include how snoring is affecting the health of the nation, advice for people who are sick of their partner's snoring and reducing the apathy from snorers who are making their partner miserable through shattered sleep."

Press packs are available from the Association website and include current research and results, national and regional statistics, 20 interesting facts about sleep and snoring, snore tests sheet, product samples and case studies.

To sign up for a press pack, please visit Product samples are also available for offers and competitions.

For further information call Marianne Davey on 01737 245638
ISDN for radio interviews: 01737 735960

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