Marianne Davey MSc Biography

Marianne Davey MSc Biography

Marianne Davey

Absorbing and imparting knowledge are key features of Marianne’s life. She studied at a posh all girls’ school and university, and had a successful teaching career with the Inner London Education Authority. She is an eloquent speaker and now lectures on all aspects of Sleep Medicine, and writes for a number of journals.

From the outset Marianne was instrumental in establishing the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association as the UK’s leading authority on these troublesome complaints. Being a light sleeper and married to a snorer she has perfect credentials to fully appreciate the misery of sleep deprivation endured by millions of people throughout the world.

Having studied Sleep Medicine at the Royal Society of Medicine, St Thomas’ Hospital, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Leicester and Cambridge Universities, Marianne ensures that her knowledge is always up to date through a structured continuing professional development programme. Marianne is a member of the British Sleep Society, the European Sleep Research Society, the British Thoracic Society, the Royal Society of Medicine and the Medical Journalists Association. She has a particular interest in children’s sleep disorders and gender differences in snoring and sleep apneoa.

With her high media profile, she is frequently interviewed on radio and television, and extensively quoted in the print media.

In between her daily media work and broadcast appointments, much of her time is devoted to organising National Stop Snoring Week – an annual event that she launched to increase public awareness that snoring is treatable and that help is available.

Marianne is a very keen swimmer who has competed in National, European and World Championships. Her other leisure activities include skiing, dancing and looking after her lovely garden.

Marianne’s mission is to help people to get a good night’s sleep and her successes in raising the profile of Sleep Medicine in the UK can be measured by the enormous increase in demand across the nation for sleep services over the past two decades.