How To Sleep With A Snorer

How sleeping position can affect your snoring

National Bed Month gets underway this weekend, a campaign that raises awareness of how a good, comfortable bed is conducive to a quality snooze. But when it comes to a good night’s sleep, many people forget to consider the way they’re sleeping in their bed. Snoring is often triggered by sleeping flat on the back – and this can cause major sleep disruption to both the snorer and their partner.

The airway is more prone to collapsing when a person sleeps on their back. This could be down to the weight of the neck pressing down, or general gravity shifting these tissues into the throat. This narrowing of the airway causes air to be pulled through it faster. As a result, the soft tissue at the back of the throat dehydrates and vibrates, creating the snoring sound.

The best position to combat snoring is sleeping on one side. Research shows that sleeping in this position can hugely reduce the time people spend snoring, as well as the intensity of it. Snoreeze, specialists in snoring relief, recommend the following tips to help reduce night-time noise:

1. Ask a partner for help. If sleeping on one side doesn’t feel natural, a nudge from a spouse/partner will help maintain the new sleep position. After a while, sleeping on one side will become a routine habit.

2. Invest in a sleep position device. An inexpensive alternative to positional devices is to find a tight-fitting t-shirt with a chest pocket. Wear it back to front, and place a tennis ball in the pocket. Whenever the snorer rolls onto their back, they’ll begin to feel uncomfortable, and naturally shift onto one side.

3. Raise the head of the bed. Lifting the head position by 20-30 degrees can help reduce snoring. An adjustable bed will achieve this, as well as pillow wedges.

4. Don’t give up. Snoring is common, but it’s not normal to do so. If changing sleep position doesn’t banish snoring, there are still plenty of options available. The diagnosis tool on the Snoreeze website categorises what type of snorer somebody is, and then recommends the snoring relief product that’s most suitable for them:

National Bed Month celebrates getting a great night’s sleep. Adjusting your sleep position can change your bedtime for the better, and put an end to snoring. For more information about snoring and sleep health, visit