Choosing Your Home Sleep Study

The table below will help you to choose the best service for your needs.

TYPE and PRICES Grey Flash Sleep Study
Grey Flash
Black Flash Sleep Study
Black Flash
Black Shadow Sleep Study
Black Shadow
Infra-red Video Sleep Study
Supplementary Service Infra-red video
MotionWatch 8 Actigraphy Testing
MotionWatch 8 Actigraphy testing
£300 single night only £350 for basic 2-night study £50 for third and all subsequent nights £500 first night £100 second and all subsequent nights £50 per night £360 per 7 x 24 hour period
PREPARATION TIME BEFORE SLEEP Approx 20 minutes Approx 20 minutes Approx 60 minutes with assistance Approx 10 minutes Approx 5 minutes
Suspected Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Suspected Central Sleep Apnoea
Suspected Mixed Sleep Apnoea
Suspected Complex Sleep Apnoea
Suspected Sleep Apnoea non snorer
Excessive daytime sleepiness non snorer
Catathrenia (groaning during sleep) without excessive daytime sleepiness
Catathrenia (groaning during sleep) with excessive daytime sleepiness
Sensation of restlessness or crawling in legs, relieved by standing or walking = suspected Restless Leg Syndrome or jerking of legs or arms during sleep = suspected Periodic Limb movement disorder
Somniloquy (Sleep talking)
Single night study
Multi-night study (up to 7 nights)
Snorer and bed partner study for snoring and its effects on partner
Therapy efficacy testing (with and without CPAP therapy or with and without Mandibular Advancement therapy)
Chronic Insomnia
Delayed sleep phase disorder
Advanced sleep phase disorder
Insufficient sleep syndrome
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