FAQ - Sleep Apnoea & CPAP

FAQ - Sleep Apnoea & CPAP

If you have a question about sleep apnoea or CPAP that is not answered below, please use our on-line contact form to submit your enquiry.

I believe I suffer from sleep apnoea. I would like to try a CPAP machine as I have heard they work wonders. Is there any way of trying one out on a trial basis?

Regrettably we do not provide CPAP on approval because these devices are classified as goods of a personal nature and we cannot satisfactorily clean/sterilize the units. Incidentally, we feel there really is no market for used machines either probably because people do not wish to use a device that has been used by others.

The chance of success with CPAP is extraordinarily good. I have often said that CPAP is 100% successful for the 75% of users who tolerate the treatment. Much depends upon motivation. Those who buy their machines tend to use them more readily than those who are given one by the hospital and told to use it! Mask sizing is important; we offer 6 different sizes to choose from. After sales support is also critical to compliance. If you need help we are always here to assist with any CPAP related problems with devices supplied by us, and of course we help others too!

How is it possible to go on holiday with a CPAP Machine? We would like to go camping but what can we plug the machine into? Is it possible to take a portable power supply?

It rather depends upon what make and model of CPAP you have. If you have a Tyco (Nellcor Puritan Bennett) then the later models work from low voltage DC current, but you need a special cigar lighter adaptor for your car to run it. It is wise to take a spare car battery with you - or at least battery charger and jump leads because you would not want to run your car battery so flat that your car won't start!

We believe that there is no CPAP that work of dry cell batteries - Duracell or the like.