Doctors: How We Can Help You

Doctors: How We Can Help You

The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association are members of several professional bodies and charities including: The British Sleep Society, Sleep Alliance Group, Sleep Apnoea Trust, British Sleep Foundation, British Thoracic Society, Royal Society of Medicine and the European Sleep Research Society.

Dr John Shneerson from Papworth Hospital, Cambridge is our Honorary Medical Advisor. Dr Shneerson runs the largest sleep laboratory in the country, dealing with all sleep disorders.

Posters & leaflets - If you would like us to provide your surgery or department with our information leaflets and posters, please complete the on-line request form or telephone Marianne Davey on 01284 717688.

As part of our ongoing education we keep up to date with current research and literature and regularly attend seminars and training days. We are often asked to provide papers and articles for academic literature, our most recent being an article in the Nursing Times.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - Warning Signs of the Sleepy Snorer (25k)

In 2002 our paper, Epidemiological study of snoring from a random survey of 1075 participants, was presented to the British Sleep Society at their Annual Meeting and was very well received.

Epidemiological study of snoring from a random survey of 1075 participants (450k)

We regularly receive calls from GPs, consultants, dentists, nurses and other health professionals and welcome the opportunity to discuss the conditions of snoring and sleep apnoea with them and their patients.

For those patients who may need further investigation, we have compiled with The British Sleep Society a list of UK sleep laboratories that we maintain and update regularly. The list provides information on specialist hospitals, consultants and available facilities. This is not available to patients. If you are seeking specialist treatment for a patient who you suspect has sleep apnoea, please write or fax on your surgery's notepaper and we will provide you with details of specialists in your area.

To assist patients with their snoring problem we provide leaflets, that give information on causes and appropriate treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea. By performing our simple tests patients can determine what kind of snorer he or she is. Our "90-day Snore-No-More Plan" is also available as a step-by-step guide to resolving snoring. Our leaflets also advise patients on the benefits and limitations of surgical procedures.

We provide a sympathetic ear to the bed partner, as we know how distressing the condition of snoring can be and the consequent sleep deprivation. Couples are encouraged to address the problem together, as the bed partner can give us valuable information as to where the snoring is originating.

We provide anti-snoring devices direct to hospitals, or direct to your patients. There are generous discounts available for bulk purchases. We also offer CPAP to hospitals and patients at competitive prices (patients must provide a prescription).