Choosing a Night-Guard

Choosing a Night-Guard

When choosing a night-guard to prevent further premature wear on your teeth due to bruxism and teeth grinding, it's important to remember that the device will be in your mouth whilst you are asleep and whilst you are trying to get to sleep. As such, comfort should be a consideration and it's important that the night-guard fits well. (The SleepRight night-guards are adjustable.) Those with sensitive gums especially need to bear this in mind when choosing a night guard. Also, those with severe bruxism need to consider the durability of the nightguard.

To help we've prepared this interactive guide to choosing a night-guards. Just answer the following questions to find the right night-guard for you:

Do you have sensitive gums?
 Yes  /   No
Do you have a small mouth?
 Yes  /   No
Is your bruxism severe?
 Yes  /   No
SleepRight Slim Comfort
Suggestion: Slim Comfort

The SleepRight Slim Comfort is designed especially for those with sensitive gums and/or those with small to medium sized mouths

SleepRight Secure Comfort
Suggestion: Secure Comfort

The SleepRight Secure Comfort is the standard night-guard that will suit most people.

SleepRight Dura Comfort
Suggestion: Dura Comfort

The SleepRight Dura Comfort is designed for those with severe bruxism. It features additional wings for stability and more durable bite plates.