SleepEase Snore Stopper Vents - Tested & Reviewed

SleepEase Snore Stopper Vents

Tested & Reviewed

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SleepEase Snore Stopper Vents are the proven answer to prevent snoring!

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4 different sizes

These comfortable SleepEase Snore Stopper Vents prevent snoring, by expanding the nostrils to improve air flow and breathing, during sleep.

View the enclosed instruction booklet.

Notes & Observations

A number of very similar products exist. Neomen Snore Stopper Nose Vents, Snore Defense Anti-Snoring Nose Vents, Acusnore Air Flow Nose Pin Vent and many other unbranded varieties can be found on sites like Ebay.

SleepEase Snore Stopper Vents

The Reality - Our Review & Opinion

At first glance it seems only logical that these should be effective as a nasal dilator. Their shape suggests they'll fit well - plus they are soft & pliable - so you would think they will deliver a comfortable experience. With four sizes provided, it was looking promising but straight away we struggled to ascertain the correct size.

For night one, the second largest vent was selected. It felt slightly uncomfortable when inserting it into the nostril - it goes quite a long way in. The instructions weren't clear as to whether it should be fully inserted or if there should be a portion of the device protruding from the nostril. The further it went in, and where the nasal passage narrows, the opening of the vents started to collapse which effectively blocked the nostril. This unfortunately made the snoring worse. Maybe we had chosen the wrong size.

The next size down was selected for the remainder of the test. It was a much looser, more comfortable fit but it looked too small and felt like it was going to fall out. It didn't particularly exert outwards pressure but did prevent the nostril from collapsing. Results were mixed, with one night yielding a fairly positive result, but for the majority of nights, no improvement in snoring or ease of breathing was noted.

If you're lucky enough to get a good fit from one of the 4 supplied sizes, then you may get some benefit from the SleepEase Snore Stopper Vents - but as sizing is a real issue, we wouldn't recommend this product.

Cost & Availability

Available online from many retailers. Ours were sourced for £8.99 and shipped via Amazon UK.

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Tested & reviewed between, June 2018 by a male, aged 40-50, with a BMI of 26. Identified as a multifactoral snorer using the Interactive Snore Tests. A mandibular advancement device being the strongly recommended treatment.