Acusnore Anti Snore 6 Spring Mouth Piece - Tested & Reviewed

Acusnore Anti Snore 6 Spring Mouth Piece

Tested & Reviewed

Tag Line (Outer Packaging)

Immediate Relief from Snoring, Heavy Breathing & Grinding Teeth

Unique Selling Points (Outer Packaging)
  • Drug Free
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • All Natural
  • The original
  • Ready to use, No moulding, No mess, No waiting
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From the box, "There are many reasons why people snore. The most common is called "simple snoring" brought on by tiredness, stress, obesity, drink, nasal or sinus problems, and even your sleeping position.

During sleep the mouth & throat muscles relax. The tongue can drop and the vibration of the uvula during the sleeping cycle can translate to snoring. The innovative design of the Acusnore Anti Snore 6 Spring Mouth Piece combats this by gently pulling the jaw forward to keep the upper airway open, allowing air to flow freely. Inhaling and exhaling is uninterrupted, giving you a quiet, peaceful night's sleep."

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Notes & Observations

Very similar to the Snorestoppers Snore Defense Mouth Guard & the Silent Sleep Snore Defense Teeth Mouth Guard.

The Reality - Our Review & Opinion

There aren't many 'off the shelf' mandibular advancement devices that don't require moulding, so we had high hopes for this - but they were quickly dashed.

Out of the box, the touch and feel of the device seems different. The packaging says it's a 'silicone design' giving it a rubbery, soft consistency. But this is not the problem. The device is big - very big (see below for a size comparison) - and not just in depth but also the height of the channel walls. Despite numerous attempts when tested, we couldn't use the device for any longer than 90 minutes. It just felt far too bulky and incredibly uncomfortable, particularly as the outer top channel walls rubbed against the gum line.

Also worth noting, the instructions indicate the device should not be eaten, chewed or swallowed - however, as it's made from a soft material it's very easy to start biting into it without realising!

Did it help with snoring? - No. It actually made the snoring worse.

Would we recommend this product - No

Cost & Availability

Available online from many retailers. Ours was sourced for £7.16 and was shipped via Amazon UK.

Size Comparison
Mandibular Advancement Device Size Comparison

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Tested & reviewed, May 18th to May 29th 2018 by a male, aged 40-50, with a BMI of 26. Identified as a multifactoral snorer using the Interactive Snore Tests. A mandibular advancement device being the strongly recommended treatment.